8 Things Humans Do That Cats Hate

Over petting

Have you ever been petting your cat, when suddenly it goes from purring and happy, to biting and scratching at you? It can be completely mystifying, but it is common as cats easily become overstimulated. If you pay attention, you can likely sort out what seems to set your cat off. Some cats are very particular about where they are comfortable being stroked. The head, back of neck and upper back are usually the most common safe spots on cats. You must always be aware of young children and teach them how to carefully pet the cat.

Surprising or loud noises

Cats are lovers of peace and routine, so the unexpected tends to make them uncomfortable. Fireworks, yelling, beeping car horns can all frighten your cat, not just because they are unexpected, but because of the cat’s fight or flight response when it senses danger. You will most likely see your cat moving at top speed, away from the noise, as fast as it can go. This does include coughs and sneezes, so you may inadvertently frighten your cat!

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