8 Things Humans Do That Cats Hate


It is extraordinarily rare to find a cat who enjoys being wet. So, it stands to reason that your cat will detest baths. Thankfully, you cat really doesn’t need a bath because it cleans itself quite well on its own. This article explains why a tiger might like to swim, but your general household kitty is likely to fight you tooth and claw if you decide it needs a bath.

Strange cats

Cats tend to be territorial, and this is just part of their nature. They don’t have the same needs for companionship that dogs do, and generally prefer to be on their own in the household. To a cat, another cat is there to eat its food, play with its toys, and get all the love and attention that the cat does not want to share. You may find that you can have more than one cat in a household and they will do just fine, but likely one or the other will be the “boss cat”. Familiar cats as housemates tend to get along well, but introducing a new cat can be a loud affair.

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