The Bitter End


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7 comments on “The Bitter End
  1. Jennifer S says:

    More episodes, please! Please!

  2. Yves says:

    I have not laughed that hard at a t.v. show…ever.
    It is funny yet perfectly captures the life of a late 20 something male. Something tells me these stories were partly mined from..dare I say, real life? Congratulations on an awesome series.

  3. Ryan says:

    I love your show! Hilarious and full of potential. First started watching in ’09 and hoping a second season would/will be produced

  4. I used your picture of a couch with rain coming down on it. It listed the website, so maybe you will get a few views from it. Hope it is okay. Anyways, I at least plan on watching. thanks!

  5. Don Juan Fiasco says:

    Please make more. It reminded me of ‘Peep Show’ and ‘Arrested Development’ and that’s far from a bad thing!

  6. Spewky McAllister says:

    This show is genius. In a class of its own. I want more. Please. More. I don’t think I can express how incredible I think it is. Genius. Please, find a way to make more.

  7. While you can still be in vogue and dress
    to kill, you can attract the men around you with your striking personality as easily as you can if you were a “no 10″.
    Know what drives him crazy (in a good way) and use that to your advantage.
    Hannah and Elijah match one another so much because they feed off of one another’s toxic narcissism.

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  • EPISODE 1:
    Casual Encounters
    Les and Bernard adjust to life in close quarters. Bernard tries to exploit an opportunity with Eden, Les discovers the seedy side of craigslist.
  • EPISODE 2:
    Second Chances
    Bernard sees a chance to get close to Eden at her slam poetry night. Les gets a shot at his dream job.
  • EPISODE 3:
    Sure Thing
    Depressed over his failures with Eden, Bernard finds comfort online. Meanwhile, passions are ablaze at Les' first week of nightschool.
  • EPISODE 4:

    Bernard makes a bold move at Eden's birthday party. Les tries to inject some excitement into his life.
  • EPISODE 5:
    The Victor

    Les is shocked by revelations about Ashley, and Eden's attempt to advance Bernard's writing career leads to an encounter with his dark side.
  • EPISODE 6:
    Business Trip

    During a visit to their parents', Les is in dire need of his father's endorsement, and Bernard takes desperate measures to please Eden.
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