The Bitter End


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6 comments on “The Bitter End
  1. Jennifer S says:

    More episodes, please! Please!

  2. Yves says:

    I have not laughed that hard at a t.v. show…ever.
    It is funny yet perfectly captures the life of a late 20 something male. Something tells me these stories were partly mined from..dare I say, real life? Congratulations on an awesome series.

  3. Ryan says:

    I love your show! Hilarious and full of potential. First started watching in ’09 and hoping a second season would/will be produced

  4. I used your picture of a couch with rain coming down on it. It listed the website, so maybe you will get a few views from it. Hope it is okay. Anyways, I at least plan on watching. thanks!

  5. Don Juan Fiasco says:

    Please make more. It reminded me of ‘Peep Show’ and ‘Arrested Development’ and that’s far from a bad thing!

  6. Spewky McAllister says:

    This show is genius. In a class of its own. I want more. Please. More. I don’t think I can express how incredible I think it is. Genius. Please, find a way to make more.

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  • EPISODE 1:
    Casual Encounters
    Les and Bernard adjust to life in close quarters. Bernard tries to exploit an opportunity with Eden, Les discovers the seedy side of craigslist.
  • EPISODE 2:
    Second Chances
    Bernard sees a chance to get close to Eden at her slam poetry night. Les gets a shot at his dream job.
  • EPISODE 3:
    Sure Thing
    Depressed over his failures with Eden, Bernard finds comfort online. Meanwhile, passions are ablaze at Les' first week of nightschool.
  • EPISODE 4:

    Bernard makes a bold move at Eden's birthday party. Les tries to inject some excitement into his life.
  • EPISODE 5:
    The Victor

    Les is shocked by revelations about Ashley, and Eden's attempt to advance Bernard's writing career leads to an encounter with his dark side.
  • EPISODE 6:
    Business Trip

    During a visit to their parents', Les is in dire need of his father's endorsement, and Bernard takes desperate measures to please Eden.
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